Training Course - Accreditation

Training Course




South African Clinical Heamtology Society - See link to letter of endorsement (SACHAS)
South African Stem Cell Transplant Society - See link to letter of endorsement (SASCeTS)

Haematologist panel SACHAS and SASCeTS:
Dr David Brittain
Dr Neil Littleton
Dr Perry Loebenberg
Dr Danie Kotze
Dr Sharlene Parasnath
Dr Hannes Koornhof
Dr Jacques Malherbe
Dr Andrew MacDonald


Professor Vernon Louw - See link to recommendation letter
Chair and Head Division of Clinical Haematology Department of Medicine

Final Evaluation & Accreditation:

Professor Estelle Verburgh
Associate Professor and Specialist Consultant, Clinical Haematology, Department of Medicine, University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Hospital